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Milady's Standard Fundamentals for Estheticians - Textbook
This textbook fully explains and illustrates the knowledge and skills an esthetician must have for their chosen profession.

Hard Cover



Milady's Standard Fundamentals for Estheticians - Workbook
Student or professional should keep this book with textbook at hand for continuous education.
Soft Cover

Milady's Standard Fundamentals for Estheticians - Exam Review
This book of exam reviews is designed as a refresher device. The multiple choice of questions have been widely adopted by the majority of State Licensing Boards.
Soft Cover E-0707  

Milady's Standard Comprehensive Training For Estheticians - Textbook
Industry Standard
Hard Cover E-0113  

Milady's Standard Comprehensive Training For Estheticians - Workbook
Industry Standard
Soft Cover E-0114  

Milady's Standard Comprehensive Training For Estheticians - Exam Review
Industry Standard
Soft Cover E-0115  

Milady's Theory & Practice Of Therapeutic Massage
This book will guide you through historic beginnings of massage to today’s stress-related disorders of soft tissue pain and dysfunctions. Massage therapy has become an important part of the health and beauty spa industries. A must for those choosing massage therapy as a profession.
Hard Cover



Milady's Day Spa Techniques
Salon Ovations - by Erica Miller
Hard Cover E-0703  

Clinical Cosmetology
To help you work with clients with problematic skin conditions, as well as paramedical makeup
Clinical Cosmetology and medical approach to esthetics procedures.
Hard Cover E-0709

  Milady's Makeup Techniques
This book is designed as an educational tool with you in mind. Packed with techniques to make you achieve the confidence of a professional makeup artist. Welcomes you to the exciting and profitable world of professional makeup.
Hard Cover

Skin Care & Cosmetic Ingredients Dictionary
This book lists common names, product functions, and specific problems.
Solves mysteries behind product performance.
A comprehensive source for assessing cosmetic ingredients.
And lots more.
Soft Cover E-0111  

  Aroma Therapy for the Beauty Therapist
Valerie Ann Worwood

Milady's Skin Care - Beyond The Basics
by Mark Lees • Revised Edition of Skin Care Reference Guide